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This most wonderful of meeting of hearts and minds between two long time friends… brought together by the cosmos. The IS Mala celebrates the power, depth and beauty of women everywhere; The great “Ma” . I’ve collaborated again with I-Rok Gems / Kori Jones to bring you these custom Inspired Shakti (™) Malas and Gem Drop Earrings . Handmade and designed with Amazonite, Ruby ,Tiger Eye  Carnelian, Citrine , Mexican Fire Opal and Rudraksha beads. Strung together and hand knotted with intention, purpose , and LOVE.*                                                          


Listening + Love + Leadership

Inspired Shakti's FIRST Yoga Alliance (r) Continuing Education Course. By Women.  For Women .

Yes. This is all about THAT. #girlpower, #womanpower, #femininepower …. You get it. The Empowered Yogini. The world needs her, like, NOW. You are HER. This is the course to help you unleash your inner supernova. Not just any course. A YOGA+LIFE course. Enlisting psychological elements from the Goddesses of Yoga (Saraswati, Kali, and Durga) and stirring their attributes into a modern program for mapping a path to your true calling.