Standing in the Sun 

June 16th,  10:30 - 1:30 ,  Pershing / Austin
A Summer Solstice Event for Bad Ass Babes




“Solstice “  …when the Sun stands Still.  Let the sun shine long on June 16th . Join industry healing + yoga  experts Maricarmen Wilson and Desiree Gutierrez  at the exclusive Pershing club for a catered  day retreat gathering all women creatives in a most beautiful Austin setting for a personal deep dive .  Our experiential  workshops will take you on an inward-outward  journey with customized lessons and lectures tapping into the pure power of seasonal nutrition and  intentional living. 

10:30-1:30 June 16th ,  Pershing 2415 E. 5th Street,  Austin.

Limited Space to 25 ladies ONLY. 

$125.00   includes :  Laughing, loving + learning from with like minded genius women,  all workshops and  materials,  catered lunch by P  + a special gifts for each participant.  * due to the nature of this program, we are unable to provide refunds at this time.

Sign me up Summer Solstice!!

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Desiree Gutierrez

Founder of Health ReMynted and Heal+Thy Woman Project

About ... XO Des

Desiree Gutierrez, the founder of Health ReMynted and Heal+Thy Woman Project, is a passionate holistic nutrition & wellness expert with an art in creating delicious, functional & healing recipes.  Her love for nutrition and cooking started as a child, learning from watching her mother heal others thru food, herbs, music, and love. She realized at a very young age that food had purpose & function, and that's where she dove into the "rabbit hole" of functional medicine. Desiree studied pre-med at The University of Texas and thru her course of studying realized she wanted to turn her focus to nutritional health realizing how vital human health is to live a happy and fulfilling life. Being able to dance until old-age is her non-negotiable! Desiree extended her nutrition education at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition where Health ReMynted was born simply means "renewing one's health". She has been lovingly coaching and educating others on intentional eating and overall wellness in order to renew and live our best life! She does extensive work with those suffering from specific-related diseases, hormone imbalances, anxiety, and depression. Her goal is to help guide people in understanding balance and what it means to eat and live intentionally for pure bliss, all while our bodies heal and flourish!