The Magic of Mindset

Tarot reflects the inner experience; the cards can draw out one's attitudes, thoughts + beliefs, and emotions of a particular situation. If there is conflict or confusion, it begins within; if there is peace and understanding, it begins within. Tarot is a mirror to see all of the psychological and emotional threads entangled around a situation. The symbols of the tarot allow our conscious and unconscious mind to realign as we sort, edit, and organize these threads; we weave them back together in an empowering narrative that allows for the fullness of your complexity; we reauthor our present, reclaiming our perspective, aligning with the future we desire.

Yoga practitioners already have a beautiful framework in place through which to understand the Tarot. In this workshop, we will explore some quick-start learning about the cards and how to incorporate our Tarot meditations onto the mat. In combination, Tarot and yoga offer the potent medicine of self-reflection and integration. - La Mystica