Goddess Rising (tm) 

Our retreats are life-changing events. Big statement. Right?  Kind of gutsy to put that out there but it's true.  It's true because I transform as well. 

Every. Single. Time.

No picture, promo, article, or testimonial can convey what happens for real at one of the collectives.  Not even your best , most trusted confidant , grabbing you by the shoulders,  shaking you with " OMG!!  You HAVE TO DO THIS!! ".  Nope. 

It takes something else. You have to trust your inner voice, step off and leap IN to get what goes on. They propel you to the best places and connect you in ways you can't believe.  

Believe it.  

Sing It

“I can’t recommend Maricarmen’s GR retreat highly enough. Maricarmen creates an intimate and empowering experience for women in need of a week of self-care away from the tumult of every day life. You’ll get a good mix of powerfully exhausting asana practice, soothing restorative sessions, delicious, healthy food and glorious sunshine. AND… the outings away from the retreat center will blow your mind! I mean it! The women I met on the retreat last year feel like family to me now. They are a continued source of strength and comfort and fun.” – Lesley R .


Baja  201 9

April  20th- April 27th

Phoenix in the Sun …Return to the EXPANSE. Goddess Rising ™ brings you a most transformational women’s yoga retreat at Prana del Mar an exclusive eco-resort located in the gorgeous Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. You’ll be guided to life- enriching experiences through dynamic vinyasa practices , afternoon workshops, incredibly delicious food, an evening trip to Art Walk in the Gallery District of San Jose del Cabo , and so much more. A rich rich offering of activities await  in this preserved eco environment with awe-inspiring architecture and natural surroundings of sacred ocean, mountain, desert, sky.P


Join us for a soul adventure you’ll never forget!

Hola , Mexico! $795.00 deposit holds your spot!

Québec City  2020


Over a decade of Goddesses. Goddess Rising ™ brings you a most transformational women’s yoga retreat at Le Monastere des Augustines. Live an unforgettable experience within these historic walls, the site of the continent’s first hospital north of Mexico.

We invite you to explore time-honoured and modern forms of care within the historic walls of the monastery. Unwind and reaffirm your humanity and personhood in a place of calm and serenity. All practices are rooted in the Augustinian Sisters’ mission and are lived out in a contemporary centre of total health.

Here you’ll be guided to life- enriching experiences through dynamic vinyasa practices, afternoon workshops, incredibly delicious and organic food and Goddess Lounge, an evening out at the historical Relais & Chateaux hotel The Auberge Saint-Antoine.

Dates and Details Coming Soon !