Malas and More

For personal practice and the greater feminine  good 


Power to the SHE

Year number 5  collaborating  with I-Rok Gems / Kori Jones to bring you this custom Inspired Shakti (™) 54 Ruby Mala  . Handmade and designed with 54. Count 'em.  Fifty. Four. Rubies. Hand knotted and anchored by 2 pink tourmalines to gold chain with a "secret" energetic  stone crystal  tucked behind each necklace as a conduit for the spirit body.  Strung together and hand knotted with intention, purpose and love by a woman owned business in Austin,  Texas.  I-Rok Gems

- Available in 54 Ruby + Pink Tourmaline / 54 Sapphire , Amazonite and Green Onyx ( $225.00 ) or 27 Mixed Tourmaline + Ruby( $165.00) .

This most wonderful of meeting of hearts and minds between two long time friends… brought together by the cosmos. The IS Mala celebrates the power, depth and beauty of women everywhere; The great “Ma” .




IS + Femme International 

We seek a world without gender oppression; a world where all have the right to opportunity and possibility.

Femme International aims to address the unique health and safety needs of women and girls in developing communities. We believe that all women deserve the opportunity to empower themselves through education and personal health. By providing females with innovative tools and knowledge, we hope to facilitate their ability to overcome gender-specific barriers.

Hello, Ruby Queen! 54 Ruby or Sapphire, Tourmaline, Crystal Mala- $225.00

Hello, Mixed Tourmaline + Ruby Mala! $165.00





Access to menstrual and reproductive health in Tanzania is extremely limited, which perpetuates harmful taboos. Access to sanitary products is a challenge, and girls often use homemade methods that are unhygienic and uncomfortable. This causes girls to miss school or other social activities, and increases health problems. This project will provide adolescent girls in northern Tanzania with in-depth education to teach them how their bodies work, and distribute reusable menstrual products



When girls understand how their bodies work they are able to make safe and healthy decisions for themselves. This education will also break down harmful menstrual taboos which limit girls' activities during menses. Access to reusable menstrual products remove the financial burden of menstruation, and ensures girls have safe products to use every month, helping them to concentrate and excel in school! 


 Long Term Impact

To invest in girls education and girls health is a direct investment in the future. This program will help 800 girls to stay in school, which will increase graduation rates, and the number of girls attending post-secondary education and becoming community leaders.