"It has taken me a very long time, a very long time, to give myself permission to fly and breathe fire" - siri hustvedt.

The Accidental Tourist

 Yoga found me as a young mother just past twenty in Southern California.  What started as a personal tool for physical wellness quickly evolved to a personal tool for spiritual growth.  I had no intention to teach yoga and this is where the Accidental Tourist comes into the story.  More than that,  I didn't want to .  My practice felt so very mine and teaching was so,  well,  not.  But I yielded to Divine forces because they're exactly that,  Divine.  So I tripped and stumbled a bit those early years of travel  .  I "visited" several methods ,  learned the language and terrain  of the different lands , and discovered that with time,  they all led home.  All played an important role in my teaching maturation and all challenged me to be true ,  raise the bar,  and be more radically myself.   I built an altar to my heart and kept a steady fire burning for my purpose and commitment .   A commitment that runs far and deep and pools at the feet of all Women.  This is IT.  

This is Inspired Shakti.  

"If there is a future ,  it will wear a crown of feminine design " - Aurobindo Ghose                                                                                                                       

Maricarmen...E-RYT, YACEP, Vinyasa Krama-Creative Alchemist , Feminine Fire Starter and Yoga Lifestyle Guide ..has been practicing and teaching YOGA for over 25 years. She splits her time leading retreats and workshops in Austin, Latin America and Québec.

”My great-grandmother used to say, ‘You only ever have two or three real friends in your life.’ I’d like to expand on that, adding, ‘You only ever have two or three real teachers in your life.’ Maricarmen Wilson is one such teacher. Undeniably a gifted yoga instructor, she has the power to transcend this role and speak freely to the matter of how best to live your life. If you find you have the opportunity to spend a week with her, you’re lucky. If you take that opportunity, and actually do it, you’re wise indeed!” - Stephanie Mankins