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"Although I live in Houston I have been fortunate to study with Maricarmen Wilson many times over the past ten years when life brings me to Austin. As she is one of my favorite teachers in the global kula I always make a special effort to come to her classes and yearned to spend more time with her on retreat. Fortunately, the stars aligned for me to participate in the Guatemala Goddess Rising Retreat. 

There are certain things that I knew she would be amazing at; Maricarmen is a teacher's teacher and her sequencing, wisdom, music, passion, fire, brilliance and humor were a given. When I sent her my, "Is there space for me in guatemala?" email, I didn't yet know that Maricarmen is also an organizational guru and that every aspect of the planning of the retreat's logistics would be masterfully handled and coordinated by her personally. Maricarmen responded quickly and thoughtfully to each of my concerns and ensured that my arrival, retreat stay and departure were well taken care of. Maricarmen is a wonderful caretaker and I felt so welcomed, nurtured, supported and grounded in the group. Truly, my heart feels full reflecting back on the care, love and personal attention that Maricarmen gave me; in life, we have so many choices and trusting that we are nurtured on our path is a good one to make again and again. I love you Maricarmen, and to all the goddesses with whom I had the honor to share in the magic of Lake Atitlan, I salute you and our collective paths." - Justine Faranof

"Maricarmen's retreat is a precious gift to yourself: a training for body and mind and a source of inspiration for your feminine attitude.  It was absolutely worthy to cross the world to reach her. I've not just found a yoga teacher, but also a friend and a rising of women strength"  - Annalisa Nanna

“I took the leap a few years ago and went on my first yoga treat in Quebec City with the ever lovely Maricarmen.  What a life changer.  Immersed not only in beautiful surroundings but enveloped in physical yoga practice and self reflection.  It’s a life changer and the ultimate gift of self care.
To date, I’ve been on four retreats with Maricarmen and plan on continuing to go annually!
It’s a treasured week long gift to myself.  I’ve met so many amazing women who I now call friends.  Add the beautiful surroundings of the retreat location makes it extra special. 
Maricarmen puts so much attention, thought, and care in making each retreat an experience you won’t forget.
Thank you Maricarmen! 💋” - Lina Supnet-Zapata

"Maricarmen is a force of nature, a tiny tornado of love and support for all women.A week in her presence is one of the most amazing gifts you could give to yourself.The work I did under her loving wing, still resonates and informs me daily." - Veronica Koltuniak 

"I'm not even a yogini, but Maricarmen, with her expertise in the art , coupled with her wholehearted acceptance of each woman and her passion for empowering us made this retreat  magical.  She meticulously researches all of her retreat locations and actively manages all of the particulars so that her attendees can relax and renew their physical, emotional, and spiritual selves.  Besides all of the above she is a hell of a lot of fun!" - Happy Mason

"Honestly, I can't remember what led me to sign up for the Goddess Rising Retreat a couple of years ago, but I am SO glad I did. I still, years later, reflect on my time in sacred Mexico, surrounded by women from all walks of life, being led by the Light Worker that is Maricarmen, connecting to my own heart and wisdom. My time on the retreat changed me. It really did. I don't know how to explain it fully, but it I came away from the retreat with a deeper sense of confidence in myself, and trust in my divine Feminine power. I also made connections with some of the women that I still cherish today. I am so grateful to Maricarmen for sharing the gift of her presence, and for witnessing us on our journey together. If you are on the fence about attending a GR retreat, take this as a sign, no, a direct suggestion that you should take the leap. There is nothing more powerful that intentional time devoted to self-care and the mind/body connection, in the presence of other women doing the same. Go... be wild and beautiful." -  Ryan McGinnis Andrews

“I can’t recommend Maricarmen’s Tulum retreat highly enough. Maricarmen creates an intimate and empowering experience for women in need of a week of self-care away from the tumult of every day life. You’ll get a good mix of powerfully exhausting asana practice, soothing restorative sessions, delicious, healthy food and glorious sunshine. AND… the outings away from the retreat center will blow your mind! I mean it! The women I met on the retreat last year feel like family to me now. They are a continued source of strength and comfort and fun.” – Lesley R .

“Every year when the Goddess Rising yogini immersive retreat ends, I am already anticipating adding it to my calendar for the following year. It has become an important part of my annual journey, something to look forward to for my mind and my body. I am blown away by the depth of this experience, from Maricarmen’s incredible yoga classes, to meeting a group of fabulous women, each having something unique and interesting to bring to the table. This is an opportunity to grow physically, spiritually, and mentally. I feel so grateful to be part of it.”-Michelle H.

“I have attend Maricarmen’s retreat in Tulum the past two years. On both occasions, upon the conclusion of an extraordinary week, I leave with a reinvigorated sense of my spirit, a renewed awareness of my being, and a greater understanding of my body and yoga practice. Each year I gain friendships with incredible women from all over the world, and cherished wisdom from each of them. Maricarmen’s radiant energy and brilliant instruction infuses me long after my departure from a week in paradise. I look forward to 2016!.”- Katrina P.

“The Goddess Rising retreat was life-altering. I have never attended a yoga retreat and was quite skeptical at the beginning, but with Maricarmen’s incredibly inspiring, individualized teaching and her overall passion and love of every being, I have never felt better. Over the week, I forgot myself, found myself, and learned more about life through yoga and the friendships I developed with other Goddesses.” – jenny h.


IS Students of Life

“Asana flow classes develop the breath and breath awareness as well as flexibility and strength: Ashtanga and some other (fixed) series have become deservedly famous and widely practiced. The very best teachers however are able to vary the sequences and no one does this better than Maricarmen who has a perfect sense of where your breath is although none of her classes are alike.  What a talent!  She knows the bandhas and uses the chakric psychology and makes you meditate throughout the class, using all the tools of yoga psychology and anatomy such as seed sounds and chants. Her classes are works of art. There’s nothing I’d rather do. Hail to Pranayoga Mama, the Mother of Masala (spicey) Yoga!”

Stephen Phillips, professor of philosophy and Sanskrit at the University of Texas at Austin and author of  *Yoga, Karma, and Rebirth* (New York: Columbia, 2009)

“Maricarmen Wilson is the deepest well of inspiration for how to live a magnificent life.  It isn’t just about yoga.  She perches inside your psyche and teaches you to clear the obstacles to step into your full potential and have the life of your dreams.  She is a master artist, the imagery she paints brightens your very being.  Everyone is welcome and no matter how many people are in the room, she makes each one feel a special connection…to her, to the group, to yourself.  The radiant core and the beautiful buttocks are a mere side effect of the profound experience.”

Julie Westervelt
friend, student, teacher, disciple!

  I like your pearls of wisdom, from a personal, and global perspective that you start each class with…even if it’s “I have a cold so lets get started” . Keeps it real. That begins my contemplations for the day.  Of course, I lose myself in the class so there isn’t too much active contemplation. I’m usually just trying to get my biceps turned out and my hands facing forward.  I like the contrasts that connect  the moves…wringing out the core like a dishrag, then opening it wide big and strong.  Drawing inward and releasing outward. Moves that compliment the way we go through life, hopefully.  Your classes are hard in a way I’ve never experienced. I’m from the school of dig deeper, push harder, climb faster, don’t talk about it just do it.  There is an element of that, obvious by the pools of sweat and sense of calm afterwards….but it’s an experience more intentional and illuminating, enhanced by just enough discomfort to stimulate a more enlightened way of moving, mentally and physically, possibly even spiritually. Thousands of sun salutations don’t float my boat. I don’t think I’ve ever done one of those in your class, at least in the traditional sense.  I expect to be corrected and called out and stepped on or whatever it takes to learn proper form and feel the joy and openness that comes with getting just an ounce of that shakti flow juice you sprinkle so emphatically, honestly and delicately.  - Monica / Yogini

“To have meaning for hard work, makes the work meaningful. Through Maricarmen’s teaching and example, working your core really is to become radiant from the inside out. This hour long class not only presents hard work, but also a true understanding of why we are doing what we do. After completing several sessions, I stand taller, feel stronger and better about myself. I thoroughly enjoy the time spent with Maricarmen and the other students and continue to see strength and growth.”

Jeannette W.

“Maricarmen is re-inventing yoga as we know it, or rather as the yogi’s for millennia have known it…and it’s brilliant.

She has managed to morph vinyasa yoga into a wacky exploration of every nook and cranny that your body has never discovered.  And I mean that.

Every class is a new investigation into random quadrants of the body that allows one to open up not just the joint but also the mind in a never before experienced journey.

I’ve had tremendous insights into my chronic pain struggles and long term joint issues as she  leads us into spaces that have been in lock down for years, if not decades.

It’s the willingness to be a kid again.  Her yoga is the solution to chronic overuse syndromes, including classic yoga, like Bikram & Ashtanga, or any repetitive flow class.

Try it…you’ll never be the same."

 Colette Zygmont, DC .  Owner Zygmont Chiropractic ,  Austin ,  Tx.   Gifted Healer.

“Maricarmen’s light has been brightening  our halls since we opened our studio. On the mat her positive energy offers an empowering practice to our clients. Off the mat, she is a cheerleader for our other personal services, our café, and friend to our staff. We would be lost without a little shakti from Maricarmen.”

Amy Rogers,

Marketing and Programs Manager, Castle Hill Fitness


Wellness Coaching

”Maricarmen's Sankalpa class was a wonderful platform that

helped me connect mind and spirit to be one step closer to

my true self. You get in touch with what is really important to

you, to what your soul is searching for. Priceless experience.”

-A. Lozano